About Us

The association RuSciTech was created as an initiative of organisers of the International Russian-Speaking Science and Technology Professionals Forum – RuSciTech Forum which took place in Cambridge (UK) in March 2012, where the first one hundred applications for membership of the new association were received.

The governing body of the Association is a Coordination Committee, which is elected on-line by members of the Association for the term of three years.

The Chairman of the Coordination Committee is elected by Committee members for three years. The Chairman of the Coordination Committee also serves as President of the Association.

Members of the Coordination Committee appoint the Secretary of the Association.

Currently the Coordinating Committee consists of members of the initiative group who founded the Association:

Tatiana Schofield – Managing Director, Synergy Lab (UK), Coordination Committee Secretary. Development of innovations & entrepreneurship at universities.

• Prof Andrei A. Seryi – John Adams Institute for Accelerator Science, Oxford (UK). Co-Chair of the Coordinating Committee. Organisation and management of science.

• Dr Andrei Starinets – Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford (UK). Co-Chair of the Coordinating Committee. Strategy of science development.

• Dr Pavel Berloff – Imperial College, London (UK). Scientific projects and their expertise.

• Dr Ksenia Afonina – CamRuSS, University of London (UK). Events coordination, PR and marketing.

• Prof. Sergey Ketov – Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan. Co-Chair of the Coordinating Committee. Relationships with academia.

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We are also planning to create the Science Advisory Council of the Association, which will comprise leading Russian-speaking scientists at the international level; working groups and sections for various fields of expertise and disciplines and for individual projects.