‘Russian expat scientists are prepared for practical steps’ – an article in the ‘Poisk’ newspaper

A recent article in the ‘Poisk’ newspaper, which mentions the RuSciTech association, can be found here.

6th Nano and Giga Challenges conference in Phoenix, Arizona, 10-11 March 2014

The NGC2014 conference (the 6th Nano and Giga Forum) invites academic and industrial researchers to present tutorial and original research papers dedicated to solving scientific and technological problems in electronics, photonics and renewable energy such as atomic scale materials design, bio- and molecular electronics, high frequency electronics, fabrication of nanodevices, magnetic materials and spintronics, materials and processes for integrated and subwave optoelectronics, nanoCMOS, new materials for FETs and other devices, nanoelectronics system architecture, nano optics and lasers, non-silicon materials and devices, quantum effects in devices, nano science and technology applications in development of novel solar energy devices, and fuel cells and batteries. We also invite inventors, entrepreneurs and business leaders to explore the unique opportunity provided by our interdisciplinary forum for technical due diligence and potential commercialization of emerging new technologies.

Hosted by Arizona State University the NGC2014 conference will include the spring school (tutorial lectures), symposium and satellite workshops. Our conferences have a high impact through publication of tutorial books and selected peer reviewed papers in reputable international journals. Our meetings are attended by world recognized experts and young talents alike. Sponsors and exhibitors are welcome and will be supported by the organizers in their needs for networking and marketing of their products and organizations.

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A wide range of innovation services from the RUSTEC center at the Arizona State University

The Russian Center of Education, Science and Technology innovation at the Arizona State University offers a wide range of services to universities, research teams, inventors and entrepreneurs, including training, online courses, joint projects and facilitation of the commercialization of high-tech innovation in the USA. Further information and contact details can be found on the RUSTEC web site:

New Online Journal

We are “recruiting” contributors, supporters, advisors and friends to develop a concept and launch a web-journal for the Russian-speaking science & technology transfer community.

A publication will be published online and aimed at the Russian-speaking international community of scientists, research managers, and technology and knowledge transfer professionals to develop closer links within the Russian-speaking scientific community. Our aim is to create a journal which will become a focal point for scientific news, research results, individual achievements, practical applications, novel research techniques and experiments.

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Grant opportunities for Russian scientists living abroad

This is an opportunity to invite a Russian-speaking scientist living abroad to lead a science research programme at a Russian university. The aim of the programme is to establish collaboration and to exchange experience, knowledge and skills to develop Russian science, education and modern technologies. For more information please click here.

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