East-West online courses

Harvard Kennedy School and MEFI University invite scientists to contribute to the new online programme “US – Russia rapprochement through science and technology cooperation”

Call for proposals:

The National Research Nuclear University (MEFI) and Belfer Centre for Science and International Affairs at Harvard Kennedy School invite Russian-speaking scientists to contribute to the Autumn 2014 lecture series as part of the “US – Russia rapprochement through science and technology cooperation” initiative.

The programme was successfully piloted during the Spring 2014 semester with a dozen of online lectures delivered by American professors from Harvard, Marshall Centre, College William & Mary and MIT. Its key topics covered various US – Russia science and technology cooperation projects.

Following the launch, the programme partners are now expanding the project to involve American students, Russian faculty, and other international universities. The Autumn 2014 programme will consist of 1.5-hour weekly webinars on a variety of science, technology and innovation topics.   

RuSciTech Association is delighted to become an information partner of the programme and invites its friends and members to contribute to the delivery of the online courses.   

If you are interested in learning more about this project and being involved in its delivery, please contact:

Edward Lozansky

President, American University in Moscow

Professor, National Nuclear Research University

MEFI graduate

+1-202-364-0200; +7-903-509-7346