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The Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology (Skoltech), Moscow, is recruiting scientists for its faculty in the following main areas: innovation, IT, biomed, energy, space, nuclear, structural materials & manufacturing, and computationally intensive science.

Types of appointments:
– Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors who have tenure track positions and normally are in full time residence in Moscow.
– Professors and Associate Professors of the Practice are distinguished practitioners from industry, who hold term appointments and normally spend at least 50% of their time on the campus.
– Adjunct Professors, Associate and Assistant Professors, who hold term appointments, and are generally not a full time resident on the campus.
– Affiliate Professors and Associate Professors are honorary faculty positions created for engaging highly active faculty from CREI Partners who contribute to Skoltech in research, education and/or innovation.
– Visiting Professors and Associate Professors are tenure-track faculty members elsewhere who spend at least one month at Skoltech.
– Research Professor, Associate and Assistant Professors are term appointments that recognize research accomplishments and have research and innovation activities as their principal responsibility.
More information can be found here:

The letter from the Skoltech President Edward Crawley.

Skoltech Faculty Talking Points

Lab installations at Skoltech

Skoltech Faculty Prospectus.

The Skolkovo Institute of Science & Technology (Skoltech), Moscow, is inviting students for its PhD Programs.

Research Associate position at the University College London, Department of Mathematics.

‘East-West’ online courses: Harvard Kennedy School and MEFI university are inviting scientists to contribute to the new online programme “US – Russia rapprochement through science and technology cooperation”.

Skolkovo Foundation offers a number of collaboration opportunities to science and technology professionals.

The ‘soft-landing’ services

Helping small businesses settle in Russia, to test the Russian market in a “safe mode”. This service helps to overcome obstacles in business culture and legislation – while trying to start a technology business in Russia, even before you decide to launch a company there. This could reduce the cost and frustration at the initial stages. The services, for instance, include:

  • Legal services including assistance in company registration in Russia
  • Infrastructure access and provision of working space
  • Business development services, including a Russia-focused market survey, etc.
  • Fundraising (grants & investment)

The ‘soft-landing’ help is offered by a number of technoparks and business incubators in Russia, including:

If interested, for more information, please contact us on

‘Project Process Club’ – a business entry into the regional Russia

For mature businesses, considering their first entrance into the Russian market, the Project Process Club helps to lower the barriers while entering the market, particularly with major projects in the regional Russia – The Project Process Club (Клуб проектного процесса)

Leveraging the network of 140 partners and over 170 representatives of the Trade & Industry Chamber in the Russian regions, The Project Process Club offers financial, legal and administrative support for new entrants into the Russian trade and industry. For more detailed information inquire on

Technology offers

Please let us know if you are interested to take any of them to the market.

1) Composite materials for construction industry. Download description.

2) Alternative energy technology: fast pyrolysis plants for the processing of wood waste. Download description.