Our Partners

RuSciTech already has a growing network of partner organisations, which we are already working with or in a discussion about a potential collaboration.

The partner government organisations from Russia include:

• The Ministry of Education & Science
• The Ministry of Economic Development
• Rossotrudnichestvo
• The Government of Moscow – Moscow Compatriots House

in addition:

• Russian universities and research institutes
• Russian government-funded development institutions
• Innovation departments of Russian corporations
• Technoparks in Russia
• Relevant independent organisations, foundations and associations – both in Russia and overseas

RuSciTech is also establishing links with appropriate information media and science & technology associations and communities:

АРНИ – http://arni-ru.livejournal.com

RASA – http://www.dumaem-po-russki.org

RASA USA — http://rasa-usa.org

Общество научных работников – http://onr-russia.ru

Совет молодых учёных России — http://www.yras.ru

Журнал “Троицкий вариант” – http://www.tvscience.ru

Ассоциация инновационных регионов России — http://www.i-regions.org

European Physical Society (EPS) — http://www.eps.org

The IET — http://www.theiet.org

Campaign for Science & Engineering in the UK (CaSE) — http://sciencecampaign.org.uk

Institute of Physics – http://www.iop.org

European Science Foundation — http://www.esf.org

Euroscience – http://www.euroscience.org

Royal Society – http://www.royalsociety.org

European Institute of Innovation & Technology — http://eit.europa.eu