RuSciTech Association provides assistance in organising and supporting projects in the following areas:

1. Strategy in science
• Develop priorities in science
• Organisation and management in science
• Development of the interaction between science, education and industry

2. Scientific research
• Organisation of joint international projects
• Establishing scientific collaborative links
• Expert review for research project
• Organising work experience for PhD students and post-docs
• Shared use of scientific equipment & data
• Editorial input into Russian scientific journals

3. Technology commercialisation
• Expert review for investment project
• Mentoring for innovative technology start-ups
• Facilitation of technology/product introduction into the international markets
• Introduction to international partners
• Coaching & training in the area of entrepreneurship, commercialisation and management of research projects
• Technology consultancy in a wide range of disciplines

4. Education
• Organisation & support of educational programmes
• Assistance in recruitment of research and higher education staff for projects and organisations
• Student exchange
• Quality review for educational programmes
• Independent expert review of the exam process
• Providing special courses, including in summer schools
• Invited lectures by leading international scientists
• Providing consulting support to government organisations in the area of science & education

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Some examples of RuSciTech’s projects and initiatives:

  • International Forum of Russian-Speaking Science and Technology Professionals (
  • Monthly newsletter for the Association subscribers
  • Development of instruments for the enhancement of science & technology in Russian Federation – based on the best international practice
  • Conferences and seminars of special interest, e.g. in the area of life sciences, high-tech entrepreneurship
  • Organising work experience visits for Russian undergraduate and PhD students, for young scientists in leading universities abroad
  • Creating an expert group for elaboration of specific mechanisms for development of science in Russia, using the best practice abroad
  • Creating an expert group for reviews of scientific projects
  • Development of an initiative related to creating a Russian Institute of Fundamental Research.

Your suggestions regarding potential projects are welcome. It is easier to implement those projects together!